Sunshadow Design
Traditional craftsmanship by the hand of Page Steinhardt, goldsmith, bladesmith, designer
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Sterling Silver SCA Duchess Coronet for Her Grace Thyra of the East Kingdom



Sterling silver Duchess coronet for Her grace Elidh of Caid
Sterling silver, customer supplied amber rose, customer supplied stones


Duchess Coronet for Her Grace Caoilfhionn of the East
Gold plated brass, Rhodium plated bronze


Duchess-Pelican-Laurel Coronet
Sterling Silver

Ducal Coronet
Blackened Steel, Goldplated Bronze



SCA County Coronet with Pelican peeking out from behind the Crenelation
Gold plated Sterling Silver,
Gold and Rhodium Plated Bronze, Amethyst

SCA Ducal (Magnus Tindal)
Gold plated nickel silver band, Rhodium and gold plated bronze castings




Sterling silver with cultured pearls Combination Laurel Wreath and Baronial coronet

Brass, sterling silver, gold-plated bronze, and Mandarin garnet County coronet

Brass, sterling silver and Mandarin garnet County coronet

Stainless Steel and Brass County Coronet



Sterling Silver


Nickel Silver, Gold Plated Bronze, Lapis, Cultured Freshwater pearls




F. Page Steinhardt, Designer/Metalsmith

Sunshadow Design
P.O. Box 5636
Syracuse, NY 13220